People and Culture

The Heart of RLG:
Our People.

From industry experts to dedicated support staff, meet the people who make RLG exceptional and drive our mission forward.
Our Mission

One Shared Mission: Transforming an Industry, Together.

Our mission isn't just a statement – it's our daily guiding force. We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of positive change for the cannabis community and beyond.
As a premier legal and strategic advisory firm, we're driven by a mission to empower you to shape the future of cannabis and emerging markets.  Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the tailored solutions and strategic insights you need to successfully navigate these dynamic industries.  We see ourselves as an extension of your team, working tirelessly to help you achieve your goals and drive industry evolution.

The RLG Family

From left to right: Lauren Rudick, Fatima Afia, Kelly Whyman, and Jessica F. Gonzalez.

Empowering, Innovative, and Collaborative.

At RLG, we've built a culture that is as dynamic and pioneering as the industry we serve. Our roots in legal excellence have evolved into a holistic consultancy, embodying a spirit of collaboration, compassion, and innovation.
We are guided by a formidable team of women leaders, who bring not just their expertise but a deep-rooted sense of community and advocacy to every interaction. Our commitment extends beyond business; it's about fostering genuine connections, uplifting communities, and driving positive change in the cannabis industry.

As your trusted partner, we promise to navigate complexities alongside you, offering tailored, comprehensive solutions that span the entire cannabis seed-to-sale journey. At RLG, you're not just a client; you're part of a community where your aspirations are nurtured, and your success is our mission. Together, we're not just growing businesses; we're cultivating a brighter, more inclusive future in the cannabis space.
Our Values
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Integrity As Our Compass

We uphold the highest ethical standards, delivering exceptional results that build legacies.
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Leading with Innovation

We fearlessly drive change, crafting creative solutions and setting new standards for emerging industries.
Value 03

Community Empowerment

We champion progress, empowering underserved communities and advocating for inclusivity and fairness within emerging industries.
Value 04

Driving Sustainable Growth

We prioritize long-term success, guiding clients towards sustainable practices that benefit the industry and society.
Value 05

Collaboration Fuels Progress

We embrace collaboration, building strong relationships, and working tirelessly towards shared success.
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Expert Guidance & Support

We combine deep legal expertise with industry insights, providing the strategic guidance you need to navigate complexities.
Founder, Managing Principal

Lauren Rudick

An exceptional legal strategist, Lauren leverages her experience in mergers & acquisitions, compliance, and dispute resolution to guide clients through complex challenges.
Associate Attorney

Jessica F. Gonzalez

A seasoned cannabis legalization advocate, Jessica combines her policy expertise with intellectual property law acumen to guide clients through the industry's evolving legal landscape.
Associate Attorney

Fatima Afia

A courtroom champion turned equity advocate, Fatima leverages her litigation experience to empower minority-owned cannabis businesses navigate complex regulations and secure a thriving presence in the growing market.
Senior Business Consultant

Kelly H. Whyman

A strategic architect for cannabis ventures, Kelly Whyman empowers businesses of all sizes with her foresight, regulatory prowess, and a proven path to sustainable growth.
Practice Administrator

Molly Dobbins

An accomplished legal administrator at Rudick Law Group, specializing in organizational efficiency and financial management.
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