Kelly H. Whyman

Senior Business Consultant
29+ States • Canada
From Seed to Success: Kelly Whyman cultivates cannabis ventures with strategic foresight and regulatory mastery. Her unparalleled licensing record and meticulous operational guidance empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving cannabis market. Whyman's expertise is a cornerstone for both nascent entrepreneurs and established players seeking sustainable growth.

Kelly H. Whyman is a cannabis industry veteran and senior consultant at RLG. Since entering this dynamic space in 2010, Whyman has cultivated a reputation for strategic acumen, licensing expertise, and her unwavering focus on driving operational excellence. Her deep understanding of the complexities surrounding medical and adult-use cannabis has been instrumental in securing over 200 licenses spanning 20+ states – an unparalleled achievement in this rapidly evolving market.

Whyman's influence extends far beyond licensing. She is a sought-after expert in guiding businesses through the entire cannabis lifecycle, from meticulous seed-to-sale tracking to sales optimization and inventory management. Her ability to effectively navigate compliance protocols across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring both regulatory adherence and operational success, makes her indispensable to clients.

Her detailed, tailored methodologies are the foundation of her successful track record in cultivating start-ups and propelling established enterprises to new levels of profitability and sustainable growth. Investors and publicly traded entities within the cannabis sector actively seek Whyman's expertise for her strategic insights, due diligence capabilities, and proven ability to build high-performing teams.

At RLG, Kelly Whyman is an agent of transformation. Her commitment to fostering innovation, coupled with her deep regulatory knowledge, allows clients to transcend mere compliance and achieve long-term success in the cannabis market. Whyman’s expertise exemplifies RLG's mission to cultivate progress and optimize profitability within the industry.





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