Molly Dobbins

Practice Administrator
New York • New Jersey
Driving Operational Excellence: Molly’s Expertise Elevates RLG. Molly Dobbins’ proficiency in organizational management and legal administration drives her pivotal role at Rudick Law Group.

Molly Dobbins is an accomplished legal professional and dynamic Administrator at Rudick Law Group, PLLC. With a rich background in organizational management, Molly has dedicated her career to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of legal operations. Her strategic implementations and meticulous approach to accounting and bookkeeping ensure seamless business functions, enabling the firm to deliver exceptional legal services. Molly's expertise has been pivotal in refining RLG's internal processes, contributing to the firm's reputation for excellence and precision in handling complex legal matters.

In her role at RLG, Molly has led the optimization of critical business systems, resulting in significant improvements in operational efficiency. Her adept management of accounting and bookkeeping has streamlined financial processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Molly's project administration skills have been instrumental in successfully navigating complex legal projects, such as overseeing the implementation of new client management software that improved client service delivery. Recognized for her dedication and proficiency, Molly continues to be a driving force in RLG's success, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the firm.


Organizational Management

Financial Oversight

Project Administration

System Implementation

Operational Excellence

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Palomar College, Business Administration

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