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We’re pioneering Legal and Strategic Solutions in the Cannabis Industry and Emerging Markets.
About Us

United in Mission. Shaping the Future of Cannabis and Emerging Therapies.

At RLG, we're more than just a law firm. We're your strategic partners, empowering you to navigate the complex landscapes of cannabis, psychedelics, and other emerging markets.
Our female-led team combines unrivaled legal expertise with deep industry knowledge, helping you seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and champion progress. We transcend traditional counsel, offering proactive guidance, tailored solutions, and an unwavering commitment to shaping a more just and equitable future. Together, we'll break barriers, innovate with purpose, and build thriving businesses that redefine what's possible.
Our Approach

Empowering, Innovative, and Collaborative.

RLG takes a holistic approach to cannabis law and other emerging industries, integrating legal guidance with strategic consulting. We empower clients to navigate emerging markets, ensuring compliance and sustainable growth.
RLG stands as a trusted partner, working closely with clients through every step of their journey, from licensing and compliance to operational optimization and growth strategies. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and empowerment guides our mission to help clients navigate the complexities of the cannabis market and other emerging industries, positioning them for enduring success.

Areas of Expertise

Your Journey. Our Expertise.

We offer tailored solutions to fuel your growth in cannabis and emerging markets, guiding you through licensing, regulations, operations, and long-term strategy.

Whether you're launching a venture, scaling your business, or investing in emerging markets, RLG provides tailored guidance. Our team's expertise helps you navigate challenges and achieve your goals. Partner with RLG for the proactive support essential for success.
Areas of expertise

Launch & Compliance

Navigate complex regulations and launch with confidence. RLG provides comprehensive legal guidance to ensure compliance in cannabis and emerging therapies, helping you establish a strong foundation and mitigate risks.

Growth & Optimization

Optimize operations, streamline processes, and scale efficiently. RLG helps you identify growth opportunities, enhance operational efficiency, and implement strategies for sustainable scaling and profitability.

Expansion & Exits

Explore strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and successful exit strategies. RLG offers expert guidance on strategic expansion and helps you assess potential opportunities, negotiate favorable terms, and maximize the value of your venture.

Our Team:
Catalysts of Success

Meet the catalysts of success—the individuals who form the backbone of our dynamic team. Each member is a driving force, contributing unique skills, expertise, and passion to our collective journey. In this diverse ensemble, we thrive on collaboration and innovation, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and transformative solutions take shape.

Get to know the faces behind the strategic brilliance, as we invite you to explore the stories and skills that define our exceptional team. Together, we embody a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of success. Join us in celebrating the spirit that sets our team apart.
Associate Attorney

Fatima Afia

A courtroom champion turned equity advocate, Fatima leverages her litigation experience to empower minority-owned cannabis businesses navigate complex regulations and secure a thriving presence in the growing market.
Founder, Managing Principal

Lauren Rudick

An exceptional legal strategist, Lauren leverages her experience in mergers & acquisitions, compliance, and dispute resolution to guide clients through complex challenges.
Associate Attorney

Jessica F. Gonzalez

A seasoned cannabis legalization advocate, Jessica combines her policy expertise with intellectual property law acumen to guide clients through the industry's evolving legal landscape.
Practice Administrator

Molly Dobbins

An accomplished legal administrator at Rudick Law Group, specializing in organizational efficiency and financial management.
Senior Business Consultant

Kelly H. Whyman

A strategic architect for cannabis ventures, Kelly Whyman empowers businesses of all sizes with her foresight, regulatory prowess, and a proven path to sustainable growth.
Our Values

Our Guiding Principles

These core values are the foundation of our firm. They shape our approach to client success, industry leadership, and making a positive impact on the world.
Value 01

Integrity As Our Compass

We uphold the highest ethical standards, delivering exceptional results that build legacies.
Value 02

Leading with Innovation

We fearlessly drive change, crafting creative solutions and setting new standards for emerging industries.
Value 03

Community Empowerment

We champion progress, empowering underserved communities and advocating for inclusivity and fairness within emerging industries.
Value 04

Driving Sustainable Growth

We prioritize long-term success, guiding clients towards sustainable practices that benefit the industry and society.
Value 05

Collaboration Fuels Progress

We embrace collaboration, building strong relationships, and working tirelessly towards shared success.
Value 06

Expert Guidance & Support

We combine deep legal expertise with industry insights, providing the strategic guidance you need to navigate complexities.
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Asked Questions

What are RLG's fees and how is billing structured?

We offer flexible, dynamic billing structures to best suit your needs and project scope. Our most popular option is a monthly subscription service, acting as your external fractional general counsel. For clearly defined projects and services, such as license applications or specific contract drafting, we offer transparent flat fees. This provides proactive legal guidance, ongoing support across a wide range of needs with predictable billing. This includes services such as corporate governance, contract review, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, and more. If your project is complex or has dynamic requirements, we can also offer hourly rates with detailed billing reports. We'll work with you to determine the billing structure that provides the best value for our legal expertise, strategic guidance, and business consulting services.

What services does RLG offer to new startups, including those in the cannabis industry?

We provide startups with essential legal services, including business formation, regulatory compliance, staff planning, finance strategy, real estate selection and acquisition, deal structuring, and intellectual property protection. We specialize in the cannabis industry but also support various emerging markets. Our goal is to help your startup launch smoothly and build a strong foundation for success.

How can RLG assist established businesses in expansion across emerging markets?

We offer established businesses a full range of strategic and legal support for expansion into emerging markets. This includes market analysis, review and guidance on governance and business transactions, expansion planning, mergers and acquisitions guidance, and ongoing regulatory compliance expertise. We help you navigate expansion challenges with confidence, allowing you to focus on growth and success.

Does RLG help with securing licenses in various industries, including cannabis?

Yes, we specialize in navigating the licensing process for cannabis and other emerging industries. We meticulously prepare license applications, conduct compliance audits, and provide proactive guidance on evolving regulations. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes in the licensing process, our expertise greatly increases your chances of success. We partner with you through every stage, providing the strategic guidance and support needed to give you the best opportunity to secure a license in these challenging landscapes.

How does RLG promote social equity in cannabis and other emerging markets?

We actively promote social equity in cannabis and other emerging markets. We advocate for policy reform, partner with social equity-focused organizations, and offer legal guidance to social equity applicants and nonprofits. Through these efforts, we're committed to leveling the playing field and building a more inclusive future across industries.

How does RLG engage with policy development and industry reform?

We actively engage in policy development and reform by participating in legislative advocacy, collaborating with industry leaders, and providing expert insights to shape a more equitable and sustainable future. We track proposed legislation, draft position statements, and testify before governing bodies to advocate for responsible regulation of emerging markets.

How does RLG support investors exploring emerging markets, including cannabis?

RLG empowers investors to navigate the complexities of cannabis and other emerging markets. We provide in-depth market analysis to identify promising opportunities, conduct due diligence to uncover risks, and offer expert guidance on regulatory compliance to minimize risk. Our deep legal expertise and market knowledge give you the insights needed to make informed investment decisions and maximize your returns in these dynamic industries.

Latest News

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Stay tuned for the latest updates and media coverage highlighting RLG's work in cannabis and emerging industries. We'll be sharing news, announcements, and useful insights right here.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Drive your business forward with expert legal advisory and strategic support. Choose a fractional general counsel plan tailored to your needs.
Essentials Plan
Monthly subscription service providing fractional general counsel support for emerging businesses and SMEs.
Starting at
$ 5,250
3-month minimum engagement
Included in the Essentials plan
Open Access to Legal & Strategic Advisory Support
2 Scheduled consultations (Virtual)
48-Hour Email Response Time
Flat Fee Pricing for Contractual Agreements
Reduced pricing, 10% discount on hourly services
2 spots currently available
Premier Plan
Monthly subscription service providing comprehensive fractional general counsel support and strategic guidance for established ventures.
Starting at
$ 14,750
6-month minimum engagement. Limited Availability
Priority Correspondence
Participation in Corporate Governance
RLG Form Agreement Preparation & Drafting
Strategic Introductions through Consultancy
Preferred pricing, 15% discount on hourly services
New spots opening Summer 2024

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Strategy Consultation

Every engagement is unique, and RLG understands that no two businesses are alike. Let's discuss your specific goals, challenges, and budget to create a tailored solution that works for you. Contact us today to explore a single engagement or ongoing partnership.
Starting at
$ 795
One time, one-hour consultation.
A single, upfront fee covers your initial consultation and is credited towards ongoing services if you choose to continue.
Our Areas of Expertise
Cannabis Licensing & Application Strategy
Cannabis Event Planning
Trademark Strategy
Deal Structuring
Formation & Start-up Matters
Investment & Finance Strategy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Regulatory Overview & Market Insights
Dispute Resolution
Real Estate Transactions
HR & Staffing Matters